Crete Birding

Page under construction 10th January 2009. We will be adding species seen here along with map and photos of the area


Access to the Kalergi Hut Refuge area is from the south east of Omalos Plateau or another track a few km before Omalos. Accessable with a 4X4 vehicle either way or a 4.7km walk from the plateau entrance. Beware the track before the plateau is very rough and a fair distance from the refuge with numerous dead end tracks. Check the weather before taking this route. It has taken us six hours from daybreak to reach the hut, birding on the way in our 4X4.


                                     The view from Kalergi hut facing east

                   View from Kalergi facing south east with the Samaria Gorge below


Check the ridges before you set of to Kalergi, birding is no good when your in the clouds like we were. These four images were taken with ten minutes, the cloud formed in the gullies below and rapidly closed around us .

Part of the track up to Kalergi from Omalos plateau. Although we have seen cars taking this route they were old, the walk is nice but to drive a 4X4 is a must.