Crete Birding


Moronis Reserve and Souda Bay are situated just east of Chania. The reserve can be seen in the google image below in the centre by the left pier


                                  MoronisNovember 2010

                                                 Facing east into Souda Bay        


                                            Facing west to the river narrows


                                        Great White Egret in centre (facing north)


13th october 2009

The following five images are of the work underway to restore the reserve to a salt marsh. Note the higher water levels compared to the images in the other section below.



                    No fishing , No taking of plants, No tipping and No camping



                                    Images from Moronis

               In this image there are several species from the Left...Cormorant, Little Egret,                     Coot, Redshank, Curlew, Great White Egret and Grey Heron.