Crete Birding

                                     Page updated 10-01-2013 

South of Chania, Omalos is situated on a plateau. There are numerous tavernas and hotels on the northern edge . The southern part of the plateau has access to the Samaria Gorge, with an information centre and two tavernas.


 Looking across the plateau towards the Samaria Gorge. Gigilos range is hidden behind the cloud  Gigilos range starting to show through the cloud

  Across the plateau looking north in March                        

      Looking south across the plateau towards Gigilos in March                         

               Looking west along the plateau perimeter road, watch for Lammergeier flying along here                       Towards the Sougia road             The inner pool..... Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, Snipe, Jack Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper Yellow-legged Gull and many of the smaller species can be seen here... approach slowly almost anything could be here, its very exposed and there is little cover.                                                  Less species on this the outer pool, sheep are regularly grazed here but again anything could turn up. Looking North showing the site of new reservoir             Kalergi track on the hillside, new reservior construction behind flood pools                                            New reservoir construction viewed from the Sougia road           T        The view of Omalos plateau from the north,  Samaria Gorge entrance where the road cuts through the hills (top left)                  

        Some views from 10-01-2013..............

The taverna at the head of Samaria Gorge             The road from Laki to Omalos                        The last taverna as you head out onto the plateau at gthe Sougia junction                  Looking west across the plateau  

The rangers hut at the head of Samaria

The perimeter road on the southwest side

Samaria Gorge                           View from the west towards Kalergi hut track